Featured Gallery: New Directions Spring 2018 Solo Show

New Directions Spring 2018 Solo Show

Jumping into some new artwork this year inspired by Spiral Staircases in Shaker Village Kentucky and both Street Art and Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain. I moved from more traditional photographs into graphic design and mixed media pieces experimenting on the computer with effects and overlays to get across my message. Hope you like them!

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Tree Shadows

I have always been drawn to trees and the shadows that they cast. Snowshoeing in Colorado and skiing in the Alps gave me quite a few opportunities to photograph wonderful shadows which I then played with until they hopefully said to you what they say to me. This combining of photographic and painterly aspects is a new direction for some of my work.

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A Wall of Mirrors

In Amsterdam, in front of the Van Gogh Museum was a wall of mirrors that reflected the surroundings and all the people passing by. I could have stayed there for hours photographing. Enjoy some of the results.

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Visual Explorations Solo 2017

This is a mixed gallery with images from my Solo Photographic show in 2017 at the Piermont Fine Arts Gallery. Hope you enjoy them.

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Spectacular Canadian Rockies

Fall in the Canadian Rockies runs the gamut between warm sunshine and surprising snow showers. The landscape never fails to amaze and the quiet greens and yellows fill you with the wonder of nature.

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Visual Moments: Solo Show at Piermont Fine Arts Gallery

These are a few of the images I will be sharing at my Solo Exhibition November 19 - December 6, 2015 .

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Grand View Over Lake Wanaka

New Zealand Wonders

You hear about the beauty of New Zealand and what you hear does not live up to the actual beauty of this country. I only had time to visit a small portion of the South Island and what I saw makes me want to go back again and again.

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The Land of Oz - Exploring Australia

Exploring the Land Down Under in the Fall of 2013 was a trip of a lifetime - and I hope to be back there again soon. The people, the landscape and the wildlife were things you read about and I was able to immerse myself in them.

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In The Gardens

Keeping my eyes on the world around me and celebrating the cycle of life through my photography is a never ending source of excitement.

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Weathered and Worn

The effects of the Environment on Man-Made Items is as interesting as the effects that Man has on the environment. It is all about the passage of time...

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Rock Swirl

Visual Explorations:Solo Exhibition 2011

An photographic exhibition that shares my explorations of the East Coast from Florida to Maine.

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Matterhorn View, Panoramic

Winter White

Winter provides us with images full of sharp contrast and distinct forms. It simplifies the chaos of our surroundings.

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Shadows and Reflections

The unspoken and unseen pull me to capture them. Shadows cast and reflections thrown remind me that there is more surrounding us than we can see.

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  Red Tower

Street Scenes

Traveling the streets of a new place offers me a chance to get the feel of a place and the people that live there.

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American Funk

A collection of places that typify the lighter side of America and the American spirit.

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Helping Hand

San Miguel de Allende in Mexico

San Miguel de Allende is a town filled with colorful buildings and just as colorful people. Visiting during their Day of the Dead celebration was an experience that helped me get a true feeling of this place.

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The coast of Maine in the Fall is a combination of wonderful colors and rock formations.

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